On April 27, 1936, East India Pharmaceutical Works Limited (EIPWL)- one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies of India-was born as a brainchild of an Indian entrepreneur and visionary late Asoke Kumar Sen. The object was simple- to develop, through private entrepreneurship, an organization to synthesize modern drugs from basic chemicals and cater to the needs of millions. At the very inception, late Hirendra Nath Duttagupta joined in Sri Sen, a personality with great leadership qualities.
 EIPWL became a public limited company in 1941. In addition to being the market leader in quinidochlor, it has a presence in key therapeutic segments such as Antibiotics, Digestive enzymes, Sedatives, ophthalmic and haematinics, Nasal Decongestants and Herbal Products.

                                                                                         Founding Fathers

Late Asoke Kumar Sen

Late Sri Asoke Kumar Sen was born on September 15, 1904 at Darbhanga (Bihar).

He had an illustrious academic career. Obtaining a First Class Post-Graduate degree in Organic Chemistry from University of Kolkata in 1928, he pursued research under the guidance of late Professor P. C. Mitra for three years.
Imbued by the fire of nation-building, scientific advancement and industrial self-reliance, Asoke Kumar Sen started on the venture of founding East India Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. in 1936. From the very inception he steered the course of the company, first as its Managing Director till 1976 and then its Chairman till 1981.

He had an exemplary sense of modesty, a matchless blend of compassion with insistence on perfection in performance and a missionary dedication to science and national interest. To all those who had the privilege of knowing him intimately, Asoke Sen became an institution – much more than an individual.

  After a brief illness Asoke Kumar Sen died on May 27, 1985. 


Late Hirendranath Duttagupta

Late Sri Hirendranath Duttagupta was born on December 16, 1913 at Kolkata (West Bengal).

In the early years of his youth, Hirendranath Duttagupta had his baptism in the national freedom movement particularly in socialist ideals. He was imprisoned along with many other freedom fighters and had to complete his graduation from University of Kolkata while in detention.

He joined the erstwhile Managing Agents of East India Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. as far back as in 1940, became an ex-officio Director and rose to be its Managing Director in 1956, a post he continued to hold till the day he breathed his last in 1987. It was under his able leadership East India Pharmaceutical rose to its eminent stature in the country’s drug industry.
Hirendranath Duttagupta died, while in office, on July 6, 1987.

Late Arun Kumar Sen

Late Sri Arun Kumar Sen was born on July 25, 1919 at East Bengal (currently Bangladesh).

A brilliant mind and amazing leadership qualities set late Arun Kumar Sen apart in the city’s corporate scene. He joined as Secretary of East India Pharmaceutical Works Limited in 1957 and became Joint Managing Director in 1979, a post which he held till his untimely death.
For over 3 decades, his knowledge and dynamism shaped the course of EIPW’s future. Decades from now, his contributions will live on.


Late Dipankar Duttagupta was born on 27th October’ 1950 and left for his heavenly abode on 7th August ‘2012.
During his early years he completed schooling from Rajendra Vidya Bhavan after which he graduated from St. Xavier College, Calcutta and proceeded to New York State University for his Masters. After a brief stint at AT&T , he came back to India and joined East India Pharmaceutical as a Planning and Development Manager.
In 1983, he joined the Board of Directors as Executive Director and then went on to become Managing Director in 1987, a post, - which he held until his untimely death.
During his span of 37 years, he played the major role in the growth path of the Company. He was also Chairman of Indian Chemical Council (Eastern Region), served as Chairman of the Medical Committee of OPPI and served as a President of Bengal National Chamber of Commerce and Industries.
His deft handling of Industrial Relation of the company is an example, of ideal relationship between the employee and employers, which is a major stimulate for growth of EIPW.


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